What Kinds Of Spine Surgeries Are Performed?

Frequent lower back pain may be an indicator that you have a problem with your spine. Do not be scared that you need surgery immediately, but you will need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Today, medicine is progressing incredibly fast, so every year it improves, and advances, perfecting the existing methods used to perform spinal surgery.

Today, Spine MD surgery is done with a minimally invasive technique that provides easier access, i.e., minimal traumatization of the soft tissues and tissues around the lesion site or the pathological process itself. In the case that the need for spine surgery is just emerging, your doctor will certainly try before surgery with numerous non-invasive treatments to relieve your pain so as well to avoid surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery is significantly less damaging to the tissue of the surrounding area (skin, ligaments, muscles, and bone structures). Following this intervention, patients recover quickly without any restriction on motor function.

What kinds of spine surgeries are performed?

Spinal fusion

It is one of the most common spine surgery for those who suffer from chronic nonspecific lower back pain. In this case, the Spine MD surgeon connects the verticil in the spine. It will limit the movement between them. They will be set up to stretch as long as your nerves. It will not limit your activities. And in some patients, another additional surgery is possible to achieve a satisfactory condition.


Among the most common spine surgery, also known as lumbar spinal stenosis surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon will remove parts of the bone, ligaments, or bone growths in the back. It reduces the pressure on the spinal nerves, thus alleviating weakness or pain.


A small “pillow” that separates the verticil (disc) can fall out of place and squeeze a nerve that causes pain in your back.

This condition is known as the discus hernia. Here, the surgeon removes the part of the disc that is causing you interference.

Discus replacement

It is a spine surgery in which a complete disc replacement is performed. The surgeon will remove the spinal disc that is damaged and insert a special insertion layer between the verticil. Recovery time for disc replacement is very short. The advantage of this kind of operation is the minimal chance of the disk slipping again.

To prevent possible future spinal problems on time, try to maintain a healthy and optimal weight in the first place. Always use appropriate lifting techniques that will not compromise your spinal column.