What Is a Well Balanced Diet For Dogs

Every third dog owner faced a problem when his pet behaves unnaturally. For example, if your dog is constantly sleeping, does not lend itself to training, is afraid of water, and does not respond to the orders of the owner.

In this case, everyone finds the reasons for improper training or even chronic diseases. But, no one thinks about the diet does not allow the pet to gain strength, and to activate the natural work of the brain.

The interconnection between a dog’s diet and behavior is the same as the direct reaction between a human’s diet and activity. If you do not receive the required amount of proteins and carbohydrates, then during the day you will experience drowsiness, you will not be able to quickly respond to stimuli, you will be aggressive or on the contrary passive.

What food should your dog eat

Therefore, you, as a pet owner, should not only monitor the diet but also carefully consider the purchase of food. Nobody forces you to calculate calories, observe the daily norm and meal schedule. It is enough to purchase healthy food that will enrich the dog’s body with the necessary elements.

First of all, a dog is a predator, and regardless of the breed, they need meat. The set of standard food for dogs includes:

  • Meat – is responsible for the activity and immunity of the dog;
  • Fish – has a positive effect on metabolism;
  • Millet, peas, and other grains are responsible for the tone and physical capabilities of the dog;
  • Food additives – allow you to speed up the processes and give the pet those elements that are not produced during the usual food intake, but are very important for maintaining the dog’s immunity.

Finding healthy food is not so easy, under the guise of quality food, many stores sell food with bad quality. As a result, your dog will not get the full amount of the elements they need.

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What affects unhealthy feeding

  1. A pet that does not receive the required amount of nutrients cannot be trained;
  2. The behavior of the pet depends on how correctly the diet is selected, we are talking about the excessive aggressiveness of the dog or, on the contrary, excessive passivity;
  3. Nutrition also affects the weight and activity of the pet, most of the diseases of dogs begin from overweight, stress, lack of attention, etc.

If you care about the health and well-being of your pet, then we advise you to choose tasty and healthy food supplements for dogs. After just a few weeks of correct and balanced feeding, you will see positive changes in the character and behavior of the dog.