Things To Know When Getting Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Every year, millions of people make the final decision to undergo facial cosmetic surgery. And from year to year, this number is constantly growing.

It certainly sounds appealing to change something on your face that you’ve despised for years, but before making the final decision to go under the knife, Robert Kotler MD presents a few facts and advantages to think about first.

Gain confidence

Not all people are born with the sweetest nose and our skin as we get older crumpling and wrinkling. With the help of facial cosmetic surgery, people have been given a new opportunity to transform the part of their face that they find unattractive. Many women seek the services of a facial cosmetic surgeon to remodel their nose or eliminate the signs of aging. Successful facial cosmetic surgery will make you feel self-confident and look more attractive.

Health benefits

People who have long-standing physical problems can greatly benefit from facial cosmetic surgery. People who have a nose deviation can solve their breathing problems forever. In people who are disturbed by excess skin on the eyes, lifting their eyelids can improve vision. Also, the recovery after the procedure is minimal. The recovery takes only a few days.


Facial cosmetic surgery has become available to most residents today because of its price, which is confirmed by the fact that a lot of people are opting for this. Compared to some other operations, this is one of the most favorable.

Your face is special

The face is what makes each of us special and unique. For this reason, you should not look at other people’s “before” and “after” pictures. The only thing that is similar between you and others is that you need the same operation. But your face is only yours. Someone can tell you all kinds of things you need to do (correct), but the real question is what will lie down to you. That is why we at Robert Kotler MD strive to give you a new shine with minimal correction and also solve your health problems (if needed). Cosmetic face surgery requires constant improvement of knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is rare that someone can boast of with competitive knowledge, worldwide recognition, and extensive experience in working with domestic and foreign patients, as Robert Kotler MD. Your face is your most valuable thing, and therefore all the interventions should be left to professional and experienced surgeons who know what they are doing.