Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal?

If your mother was always telling you to eat breakfast before school, then you may wonder if this meal is really the most important of the day. To learn the truth about eating breakfast, you should understand what the experts say about this meal. Here are some of the reasons for eating breakfast along with what you should consume for this meal.

Reasons for Eating Breakfast Each Day

Reason 1: Improving Your Energy Levels

When you skip breakfast, it will affect your energy levels in a detrimental way. If you have been sleeping for eight hours, then your body needs nourishment to increase your physical energy. Consuming breakfast is especially important when you have certain types of health conditions, such as diabetes mellitus. In addition, when you feel hungry, you are less likely to have enough physical strength to complete your work tasks.

Reason 2: Stimulating Your Thought Processes

Parents know that their children will have improvements in thinking skills when they eat a nutritious breakfast at the beginning of the day. Teachers also know that students are more alert after having breakfast at home or in the school’s cafeteria. Adults will have the same beneficial effect from eating breakfast each day.

Reason 3: Controlling Your Weight

Studies reveal that eating breakfast can control your weight. This is because if you don’t eat until lunchtime, then you are likely to eat too much to compensate for your hunger. By the time that you can eat lunch, you may not have eaten anything for 12 hours or longer, and this will lead to intense feelings of hunger. When you are hungry, you are also likely to make bad food choices at lunchtime.

Reason 4: Keeping Your Cardiovascular System Healthy

To learn the truth about eating breakfast, you should have your cholesterol levels checked before you begin the habit of eating this meal in the morning. After eating a healthy breakfast for six months, return to your physician’s office for another cholesterol test. There is research that reveals that eating breakfast is a way to keep your heart, arteries and blood vessels healthier.

Reason 5: Preventing Dementia Conditions

With more adults developing dementia conditions, it is important to protect your brain. A nutritious breakfast can protect your brain to prevent Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. The research about this indicates that a breakfast that contains fiber is especially valuable for your brain’s cognitive functions.

What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

You might think that any type of breakfast food is acceptable to have the most health benefits, but to learn the truth about eating breakfast each day, it is important to understand what types of breakfast foods are recommended by dietitians. You can undermine your physical and mental well-being by only eating high-fat bacon or greasy sausages for breakfast. It is better to eat bowls of oatmeal, scrambled eggs or whole-wheat toast at breakfast. Dietitians also suggest avoiding sugary boxed breakfast cereal or toaster pastries while preparing your breakfasts.