How to Hide a Nose Piercing With a Bandage

So, you’ve landed that job you were just dying to get, or maybe your long-time job just updated its policies. Great, now you see those dreaded words, “No visible facial piercings” in the handbook. But hey, visible is the keyword!

How to Hide Your Nose Ring at Work

Luckily, a nose ring is one of the easiest piercings to make disappear, at least for a little while to make your boss get off your back. Depending on the type of nose ring, there’s always a few options.

A Clear Nose Ring to Hide Your Nose Piercing

A clear nose ring to hide your nose piercing is one of the most common cover-ups when your workplace is that uptight. Clear nose rings are available for different types of nose piercings like

  • Nostril
  • High Nostril
  • Septum
  • Bridge
  • Vertical Tip
  • Nasalling


A nostril piercing is the most common and easy to cover up. Barbells, hoops, studs, and screws are all used for a nostril piercing. A clear nose ring for all of these types of jewelry are available, but a flat stud conceals the best.

High Nostril

A high nostril piercing is just how it sounds. It’s higher than a typical nostril piercing and requires different jewelry. You can use clear nose rings like studs, screws, or L shaped pins to cover this one up.


A septum piercing, for those of you who don’t know, is the piercing in the middle of the nose just above the lips. These are really popular and easily covered also. You can use a ring or circular barbell. If you’re using a barbell, you can flip it upward and hide out of sight. If not, clear nose rings are also available.


A bridge piercing is the one that sits close to the area between your eyes and eyebrows, through both sides of the upper nose. This can close and heal quickly if you take the jewelry out. Clear curved barbells and clear circular barbells are available to cover up a bridge piercing.

Vertical Tip

A vertical tip, or rhino piercing, go from the bottom of the tip of the nose to just the top over the tip of the nose, running vertically. A clear curved barbell will do the trick to hide away this one.


A nasalling goes through both nostrils and the septum. There aren’t many choices for jewelry with this piercing. A clear, straight barbell will cover this one up for work.

Summing it up

In reality, there’s a ton of uptight workplaces out there that aren’t suited to handle facial piercings. We’re forced to resort to clear nose rings to cover it up to look like the rest of the normal folks out there. Luckily you have a lot of options with any nose piercing today!