How to Find the Best Lipstick Color for You

Lipstick is boring, right? There isn’t much to it, and it doesn’t make much of a difference to your appearance. If you actually are agreeing with these sentiments, it’s time to revolutionize the way you think of your lip products and the impact they can have on your appearance with these five must-try trends for the summer.


This might be the only way you know to wear your lip color, but it still bears repeating just in case you’re a total lip novice. Pick your favorite color, one that sets off your skin tone and gives your kisser just the amount of shine or matte you’re seeking. With no muss or fuss, simply apply the color straight from the tube. Use a facial tissue to blot any excess, be careful not to get it on your front teeth and voila! You will be sporting the exact shade the makeup manufacturer designed.


If you put a generous layer of clear lip gloss underneath your color, you will dilute the shade to an extent. Once you’re done, you will achieve a very natural look that is enhanced with a slight tinge of your favorite color.


Maybe you have a tube of colored lip gloss lying around that you use on its own. Did you ever think that it can be a terrific undercoat for your color? In many respects, it’s like polishing your nails first with one color and then augmenting it with a second coat of a different shade. What you end up getting is a unique amalgam of the two that has added dimension and spark.


Do you love your lip color but find that it’s not quite shiny enough? Instead of breaking the bank at your local department store makeup counter, try this hack. Just apply a generous coat of clear lip gloss on top of your color to give it that extra glam, and spend that money on a second cocktail instead.


Let’s say you purchased a rich and fabulous red lipstick that looked great in the tube but makes you look like, well, a lady of the evening. Instead of chucking that hot commodity into the trash, apply a neutral shade of color lip gloss on top. You will find that the overwhelming effects of your under-shade are tamped down by the layer above, letting you enjoy a more subdued version of red that won’t land you in the paddy wagon the next time you go out.

Summer is a time to try new things and have a little fun. Why not incorporate this spirit into your makeup routines? Make today the day you try a new and fun lipstick color combination.