How Long do You Cook Frozen French Fries in an Air Fryer

The air fryer is one of the newest and most popular small kitchen appliances. Fun and easy to use, it enables cooks of all experience levels to make many of the comfort foods they love in a healthier way. Just when you thought you were never going to buy another culinary gadget again, you might change your mind when you learn how this device can transform your everyday meals.

When you fry in the traditional way, it requires submerging items in hot oil. There is the ever-present danger of grease spatters and even fires, and your entire home inevitably ends up smelling like a diner for days. Although what you make is often quite delicious, your food is high in fat and is not conducive to a healthy diet

The air fryer is a safe alternative to frying. Instead of oil, it circulates hot air around your food to fully cook it. You can do a wide variety of tasks in an air fryer including roasting, frying, baking and grilling. The construction of the device also enables you to make more than one preparation at once, cutting down on the time it takes to get a meal to the table.

Best of all, foods cooked in air fryers are just as delicious. Air fryer French fries, for example, have that flavorful and soft inner layer surrounded by the satisfyingly crispy exterior that we have come to expect from fries. In short, the air fryer allows you to enjoy a guilty pleasure without the guilt. It’s no wonder that these appliances are becoming one of the most sought-after gifts.