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The Truth About "Moral Values"



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 What Are Moral Values       ...

Moral Values Versus Christian Theology

We hear a lot of talk about moral values, but we hear very little about what those two words actually mean.   We hear that they express the fundamentalist Christian positions of anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and anti-stem cell research, but are these positions actually moral values?   Let's ask and answer three questions:

Question One --  What Are Moral Values:   

Consider these possible definitions of "moral values:"

Universally accepted, compassionate, loving, Christ-like  principles --  Ethical and honorable ways to relate of others  --  The practice of encouraging unity, harmony and brotherhood -- The principles and modes of behavior taught by Jesus (as written in the Christian Bible.)

Moral  =   Webster's Dictionary defines "moral" as: Relating to,  dealing with,  or capable of making the distinction between right or wrong conduct  --   Principles, standards habits with respect to right or wrong in conduct.

Values  =   Webster's Dictionary defines "values" as:  The social principles, goals or standards held or accepted by an individual, a class, a society, etc.

Right  =   Webster's Dictionary defines "right" as:  In accordance with fact, reason, justice, law, and morality;  correct in thought and action;  Synonyms for right include:   correct, honest, ethical, just, true, accurate,  precise,  suitable, fitting, appropriate, proper.  

Wrong  =   Webster's Dictionary defines "right" as:  Contrary to fact or reason, unlawful, crooked, twisted, immoral, improper;   Synonyms for wrong include:  dishonest, illegal, mistaken , criminal, unethical,  sinful,  unsuitable,  inappropriate improper, incorrect, injurious, harmful, damaging, unjust.

Define Moral Values               Define Moral Values      ...

It seems fair to boil the definition of moral values  down to:

Beliefs and personal opinions  about:

1)    what is right (honest, ethical, true)  conduct and

2)   what is wrong (dishonest, false, harmful) conduct

held by individuals and held collectively by socially cohesive groups of individuals.




The Opposite of Moral Values:   

It also seems safe to say that moral values would likely exclude things like:   

Intentional Deception:°

Lies of omission  (deceiving others by omitting the truth)  

Peddling half-truths as if they were the whole truth,

Peddling half-lies as if they were the whole truth,

Distorting the truth,


Ignoring or distorting Biblical passages°   

Censorship of opposing views°   

Using inflammatory rhetoric,°   


Egocentric Chauvinism, 

Political and sexual repression,  

Heterosexual and homosexual hypocrisy,

Religious and racial bigotry,  


Oppression of women, 

Political tyranny and subjugation,

Disregard for the rights and beliefs of others


Anti-social and Criminal Behavior:

Inciting to riot,    




Invasion of privacy,


Assault against persons, reputations, and property,


Secret criminal behavior




Arson, and



The above list is a 
compilation of known behavior 
patterns condoned, supported, and/or 
entered into by the forced motherhood leaders.



Vote for What - 2004 Election         ...

Question Two --  Were the moral values voted for in the 2004 Presidential election universally accepted, compassionate, loving, Christ-like  principles?   Were they  universally accepted ethical and honorable ways to relate to others?   Or were they simply expressions of ultra-conservative Christian theology disguised as moral values?

Are any of the three activities listed below universally accepted, ethical, and honorable modes of conduct?

a)   Forcing of women to become mothers against their will?

b)   Denying people equal legal rights based solely on their private behavior in their own bedrooms?   

c)   Threatening researchers with a million dollar fine and years in jail for using otherwise to-be-destroyed embryonic stem cells for promising and vitally needed, medical  research?

The answer is --  Definitely not!   Some will say the anti-choice leaders are intent on saving innocent lives.  Yah!   Sure!   Just like Osama Bin laden is pro-American.    Pro-life does not save lives.   It merely transfers death and misery to other human beings at other times and other places.   

If you still believe the pro-life fairytale, check out   What they actually do°   /   What they ignore in their own Bible°   /  How  they deceive others with lies of omission°   /   Their unethical-immoral behavior,°  /  Why they do it,°  /   The techniques they use,°  / The company they keep,°  /  the inevitable Consequences of their actions,° /   and   The unprovable fairytale° that their entire anti-choice war is based on.   

You might also be interested in seeing 
The List of  "Immoral Values" that Came with a Vote for Bush.°     

Moral Values-Practice-Or Just Preach         ...

Question Three --  Are the Christian right wing leaders  practicing and living by true moral values, or are they simply using the concept  to peddle a position and to gather money and political power? 

a)   Is forcing one's beliefs onto others an expression of moral values?

Regardless of your support or opposition to abortion rights,  gay rights, and stem cell research, it's still obvious that opinions expressed regarding these issues  are expressions of internal, arbitrary, personal beliefs.   They are not impersonal, data-based, evidence-based, objective  decisions.  (For example, the result from a DNA test is objective while religious beliefs are subjective,  internal, arbitrary, personal opinions.)

b)   What standards do we use to determine if prohibitions against abortion rights,  gay rights, and stem cell research belong in secular law?

Abortion:    Abortion is a religious freedom issue.°   Religion is an area where most people claim the right to make their own decisions.   

Gay Rights:   Regardless of what book is used to justify one's behavior, adamantly opposing gay rights is bigotry°-based discrimination.

Stem Cell Research:   Opposing stem cell research, like anti-abortion, is based on a religious belief.   Is a religious belief, held in the absence of evidence, a correct basis for secular laws?

Who decides?   Regarding these issues, who gets to choose?   Do you want someone else to determine how you live your life?

c)   How do you know whether or not the Christian right wing leaders are  practicing and living by true moral values?

u   Watch what they do.

How to Win with Loosing Issues° 
The Pro-life Leaders Are Not Pro-Life
A Christian Wakeup Call°  

u   Note the company they keep

Birds of a Feather Flock together°  

u   Examine what they produce.    

The  Huge, Hidden, Long-term Costs of the Anti-abortion War°  

u   Additional Factors to Consider:    

The Source of Moral Behavior°    
Our Founding Fathers, Religious Freedom, and  Moral Values° 

u   Examine the consequences of what they are actually doing

Exposing the Lie°  
The Price for Engaging in Anti-Abortion Activities°  
I'm Concerned About My Eternal Salvation° 

u   And note that their entire forced motherhood campaign is based on    

An Unprovable Religious Fairytale°     (A Second Reference About this Fairytale)°  


Drawing a Logical Conclusion:   Now that you've read the evidence, here's what in school they call a pop quiz.   (Check the appropriate box)   

The anti-choice leaders:   

1)   (__)   Are exactly what they tell us they are, 

2)   (__)   They're Satan's agents in disguise,

3)   (__)   They've been duped by the Devil, 

4)   (__)   They're the world's greatest fools. 

5)   (__)   Other ___________________  (Fill in the blank) 

We won't answer this question for you.   You're smart enough to do that all by yourself.   Send us your answer.°    We welcome your comments.

Let's Get Specific:  Now that we have defined the problem and established our overall goals, let's examine each of our two, main tangible, doable, specific objectives.   Pick the one of the most interest to you:

Obtaining  Gay rights°     or     Keeping Abortion Legal°   




The Reasonables


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