The Top 10 Irrefutable Dental Care Tips

Having a healthy smile with shinning teeth is something that many of us yearn for. However, the quest of having your teeth look like what we see on billboards, magazine covers and on many advertisements is not an easy thing. A lot has to be done in order to achieve a good oral hygiene, thus a good smile with sparkling teeth. While having regular visits to your dentist will yield much fruit, there are so many things that you can do from your house without necessarily having to travel every time to see your dentist for a tooth check-up. Here are 10 simple tips for dental care that you can try with guaranteed results:

1. Brush your teeth twice in a day. This is perhaps the basic thing that you have been told since you were a toddler. Yes, brushing your teeth at least two times within 12 hours or so will help you fight bacteria that might encroach in order to destroy your teeth. A well-chosen small-head brush will enable you reach all teeth when brushing.

2. The way you brush is also important. Make sure that you brush your teeth as thorough as possible. This may take your two to three minutes.

3. The type of toothpaste is another important factor among tips of dental care. Fluoridated toothpaste is recommended for its fighting bacteria and hardening teeth abilities.

4. Dentists recommend that for you to have strong clean teeth, you need to floss them on a daily basis. When you do so, maintain a gentle sawing motion.

5. Ensure that your daily intake of sugary foods and drinks are kept at bay. Bacteria that are in dental plaque tend to change sugary substances in the mount into acids, which are responsible for dental decay.

6. It is prudent that you limit your intake of fruit juices, soft drinks, acidic drinks, and cordial. Such drinks are known to soften important tooth material. In effect, minerals from these drinks dissolve in tooth enamel sometimes causing cavities. There have been extreme cases where such drinks have caused the complete wearing out of enamel.

7. In case your tooth has been knocked out, try to save it by holding it firmly to its place. After that, seek dental assistance as soon as possible. You might save it.

8. It is wise to protect your teeth. Many people have lost their teeth in the event of playing their favorite sport. While enjoying your sport, cover your teeth using a mouth guard. Alternatively, wear a full-face helmet.

9. Don’t use your teeth for any other job except what they are meant for, chewing food. Some people opt to remove bottle tops using their teeth. This is dangerous!

10. Make it a routine to visit your dentist. This is even if you have a slight toothache or a bleeding gum. It may be of help.

Having looked at the 10 tips for dental care, the choice of having a better smile with sparkling white teeth rests on your palms.

The Top 10 Health Foods

Living healthy often starts with the food that we eat. Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in our overall health, affecting our metabolism, weight, and our energy levels. If you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, start by looking at your daily diet.

What foods do you eat? Most doctors recommend a balanced diet that contains a variety of foods. This ensures your body receives a variety of healthy nutrients and vitamins.

For a healthier life, take a look at the top 10 health foods.

10. Apples

Apples contain healthy antioxidants that can attack free radicals, which can help slow the aging process and combat various diseases.                                       Studies have also shown that eating apples on a regular basis can reduce the chance of stroke by 50%. Apples are often affordable, in most areas, and they can be used in a large variety of meals.

Interesting Tips on How Plastic Surgery Can Make You Happier

It is a known fact that many prospective plastic surgery patients do believe that undergoing plastic surgery is bound to significantly improve their overall quality of life. As Dr. Davis Nguyen, a Beverly Hills Surgeon from does state, “As plastic surgeons, we do see many patients gain high levels of self esteem and confidence following surgery”. Fortunately, there is now scientific evidence which can be used to clearly shed some light on the relationship between cosmetic surgery and happiness.

A study conducted by Margraf, Lavallee and Meyer, researchers from two leading European universities focused on finding out if plastic surgery increased the quality of life for those who underwent these procedures, with a keen interest on those who opted for eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty as well as facelifts. The results did show that plastic surgery patients aver that they tend to feel much better about themselves and their body after surgery. This particular boost in self confidence as well as positive body image does without doubt equip the patient to enjoy a much better quality of life.

Patients that underwent these procedures reported feeling healthier; they also reported less anxiety and did develop more self esteem. Holistically, most of them found their bodies more attractive; irrespective of which part of the body was operated on. It is also important to point out that these researchers also noted that there were no adverse effects observed on these patients who underwent their surgical procedures of choice.

Just to be sure, it is noteworthy that these findings are well supported by other earlier studies. Way back in 2008, Dr. Neil Sadick of Cornell University did carry out a study which had some very interesting highlights. A case in point is that out of 110 patients who underwent what’s known as breast lift surgery, a whopping 95 percent did report experiencing drastic improvement in psychological and physical well being after the surgery. For another 105 patients who underwent other forms of elective surgeries, they did report some significant, positive changes to their lives such as improved sex life, enhanced social life and happier and healthier relationships.

There have also been other studies which have found out that a huge majority of patients who undergo facial cosmetic surgeries also reported significant improvements in their general health, are generally more satisfied about their independence and appearance, and their anxiety levels drop significantly as well. These research studies therefore confirm what many plastic surgeons hear on an everyday basis from their clients, proving that indeed plastic surgery does assist women and men to lead a happier life by gaining confidence on how they look and boosting their self esteem levels.

How to Get Rid of Acne

A significant percent of the human population is faced with the problem of having acne and the individuals are always researching on how to get rid of acne. There are various factors that could lead to an outbreak of acne which include stress, poor diet, dirt and hormones. The following are some of the measures that taken so as to get rid of acne:

i. Drinking Water: The recommended intake of water is around 8 glasses daily although there is no harm that could result from drinking more than the recommended amount. Water assists in the detoxification of the body and also the purification of the skin thereby getting rid of the acne.

ii. Washing Fabrics: It is essential to ensure that all the fabrics that come into contact regularly with the skin such as towels, sheets, clothes and pillowcases are kept clean. These fabrics should be cleaned at least on a weekly basis to get rid of the bacteria and oil that build up.

iii. Washing the face twice daily: A cleanser that is pH balanced should be used to wash the face every morning and evening. This serves to discourage the growth of acne vulgaris thereby getting rid of the acne.

iv. Applying a moisturizer: Acne is mostly produced by oily skin which results from the creation of sebum by the body. The sebum is created to compensate for dry skin. To prevent this, one should apply a moisturizer after washing the face twice daily.

v. Eating Healthy Foods: Acne is increased by the consumption of foods that are processed and contain a lot of oil and sugar. One can get rid of acne through the consumption of healthy foods such as whole grain, protein and vegetables as they enable the regeneration of the skin at a faster rate and also limit the production of unnecessary oil that causes acne. Laura Harrison with Quick Acne Fix reiterates the importance of eating vegetables, “Some of the ingredients that are found in skin care products are also abundantly available in natural foods like vegetables. Its no wonder that eating these nutrients can also help your skin.”

vi. Showering Often: Showering serves to remove the dead skin cells, get rid of bacteria and oils in the face. Although this point is similar to the one on washing the face, it is not the same as showering reduces the oil in the hair which could cause acne despite washing the face as recommended.

vii. Laser Treatment: This is a more advanced approach to getting rid of acne. It involves the use of lasers to kill the glands beneath the skin that are over actively producing oil.

The points above are aimed at helping individuals who are seeking to learn more on how to get rid of acne. Different practices work for different people and it is, therefore, important to try the methods that one able to perform.